1. On the odd occasion, some of our breads have become contaminated. What is the cause of this? Our experience has shown that contamination occurs in very rare circumstances, in less than 0.005% of orders shipped. In cases experienced to date, the cause of contamination of the breads was due to the type of storage used by the customer or because the breads are extremly old due to having a large oversupply of breads. In hot, humid weather, contamination can be more prevalent. The contemporary breads have a shelf life of 3 to 6 months under normal circumstances. The breads which are packaged in rolls actually have small microscopic holes in the plastic packaging [to allow for the shrink wrap sealing process] where the air is removed from the packaged roll. This greatly improves the longevity of the breads but it does not guarantee the breads to be free from contamination for an indefinite period of time. A 100% seal can be obtained by using the clear ‘jar’ container. 2. What can I do to maintain the freshness of the breads? If you have experienced problems with contamination, you may wish to consider the following options: consider ordering your breads in the clear resealable container. consider freezing or refrigerating some of the breads for future use ... some parishes order a 6 to 12 month supply and then freeze them. consider ordering smaller amounts more frequently. 3. What is your return policy if breads become contaminated? If you experience any contamination for any reason, please return a sample to us immediately. We will replace your last order free of charge. In the mean time, consider your storage conditions and make some of the changes as noted above. 4. What can I do to minimize shipping costs? We are frequently asked how much will it cost for shipping or how long a order will take to arrive? Both the shipping costs and the approximate ETA [Estimated Time of Arrival] to the destination are primarily dependent upon two factors, the size/weight of the order and the distance the order has to travel to its destination. All orders are shipped via Canada Post Expedited Parcel Post. We have included the following charts to act as guidelines to help answer these questions. The exact amount of the shipping costs and shipping time will depend upon the exact nature of the order. This means that the exact shipping costs can only be determined after the order has been placed. Customers who order from our online store will be advised of shipping costs prior to being asked to finalize their credit card payment Guidelines to Shipping Times in Canada Expedited Parcel Post XPRESS Post Courier or Priority Post Within Ontario 1 to 2 days 1 - 2 days next day Manitoba, Sask, Quebec 2 - 3 days 2 days next day Western Provinces 3 - 5 days 2 - 3 days 1 - 2 days Eastern Provinces 3 - 5 days 2 - 3 days 1 - 2 days Northern Territories 6 - 10 days 4 - 5 days not economical Guidelines to Normal Shipping Costs [Expedited Parcel Post] in Canada (All costs in Canadian Dollars) Small Order Medium Order Large Order Within Ontario $14- $16 $17 - $22 $23 - $35+ Manitoba, Sask, Quebec $15 - $17 $15 - $24 $25 - $39+ Western Provinces $17 - $19 $20 - $26 $27 - $45+ Eastern Provinces $17 - $24 $24 - $29 $30 - $45+ Northern Territories $25 - $29 $30 - $39 $40 - $50+ How To Minimize Shipping Costs Shipping Costs are dependent upon several factors – the distance to be shipped and the size & weight of the order. While the distance is not a controllable factor, the size and weight of the order can be adjusted so as to minimize shipping costs. The shipping company charges a minimum fee to ship even the smallest order. Often, increasing the size of the order will only affect the shipping costs by a small incremental amount. For example, the minimum cost of shipping just one item within the Ontario region may be $5.00 while shipping a quantity of 10 items may only result In a shipping cost of $7.50. Be careful to order all items required at one time. Having to place a second order because something was forgotten will result in multiple shipments and higher shipping costs. Consider placing a larger order. If you are currently ordering each month, consider placing an order for two or even three months or freeze some of the items for later use. The communion wafers have a shelf life of 3 - 6 months and some customers place an order once a year choosing to freeze their breads for added longevity. Consider making a joint order [larger order] with another parish or church in your area. One solution to help minimize shipping costs is for a group of parishes to ‘bundle’ their separate orders into one single order. Small orders are proportionately more expensive to ship than large orders. For example, a small order of 1,000 breads may cost $8.00 to ship, while a large order of 20,000 breads may cost only $15.00 to ship to the same location. Another solution to minimize shipping costs is to change the frequency of your orders. Instead of ordering once every month, consider ordering a larger quantity every two months. You may even wish to order an even larger quantity and freeze some to maintain freshness. Careful attention to your quantity of breads on hand when ordering can also help to minimize shipping costs. For example, some parishes will place an order for small breads and then two weeks later place a second order for a small quantity of LARGE breads. If these two orders were combined when the first order was placed, you would almost certainly save the shipping costs on the second order. Attention to the size of your order will also assist in minimizing shipping costs. A parish might order 30,000 MEDIUM breads and 200 LARGE breads. The largest carton that we can use and still have the order shipped by CANADA POST hold 30,000 MEDIUM breads. An order of 30,000 and 200 requires a small second carton. If the parish was to order 29,000 MEDIUM, the small quantity of LARGE celebrant breads could be shipped in the one large carton. This would avoid shipping two cartons, as each carton is considered a separate shipment by Canada Post and is priced separately. 5. I am having trouble viewing and printing an order form. Can you review the steps for properly installing Adobe Acrobat Reader? Adobe Acrobat Reader MUST be installed on your computer in order to VIEW & PRINT our ORDER FORM. The reason for this is that the ORDER FORM is in the Adobe PDF format. Follow these steps to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader from this link. (Uncheck McAfee Security Scan Plus is you already have anti-virus software installed) Depending upon the type of connection you have to the Internet (dial-up or high speed and your modem speed) the download process may take 2 - 10 minutes. Once the download is complete, you will be presented a screen which will ask you where you wish to save the Acrobat Reader file. Create a new directory if you do not have download directory and save the file to this directory on your computer. Exit your browser and find the directory and file that you just saved. Click on the file name and the installation process will begin automatically. Follow the screen prompts and complete the information as requested. When the installation process is completed, you should RESTART your computer. When the computer has successfully RESTARTED, reconnect to the Internet, click on your browser and return to our web site at www.rbellarmine.com and proceed to our ‘Order Forms’ page. Select “English or French” version of the Order Form.. The computer will automatically start the download of the ORDER FORM process and will initiate the Adobe Acrobat Reader browser plugin that you just installed. The ORDER FORM should appear on your screen. To PRINT the ORDER FORM, select the ‘PRINT’ icon on the toolbar of Acrobat reader or select the ‘File’ option and then the ‘Print’ option on the toolbar to print the ORDER FORM on your printer. You may also save a copy of the ORDER FROM for future use by choosing the ‘File” option and then the ‘Save As’ option and saving the file to the directory of your choice. 6. Why do I not recive your emails? From time to time we receive calls telling us that our Email is not working and that the Email sent has been bounced back. In some cases, the Email is not bounced back to the sender but the Email sent is never received by us and the sender receives no notification what-so ever. This is not a problem with our servers. Our hosting services automatically scans all incoming Email and attempts to filter what it thinks is spam. The filtering process is done by our ISP and not by us. The filter is designed to try and catch people who spam our web site and/or identify servers who send spam. If you wil be using an email address from a webmail service like hotmail or yahoo, please be sure to set your filters for your email to accept email from us. Many webmail services have overly aggresive filters that many times think valid incoming mail is junk mail. Set the hotmail junk filter to low - to catch obvious junk mail. If you have experienced problems sending us Email, it may be that the Email server or ISP that you are using has been identified as having sent spam in the past by someone else using your ISP’s server and is now on our server’s list of filters. The standard response to spam Email is not to respond or bounce back the sender. In this way the spam sender assumes that the Email is received but with no response eventually takes the us off of their spam Email list. In other instances, the filter will bounce back the Email to the sender in cases where there is lower risk. If you have experienced these types of problems, it may be that someone else using your Internet Service Provider has been guilty of spam and you are suffering the consequences. The filter is designed as a “catch all” and it is difficult to make exceptions on a case by case basis. If you have experienced these types of problems we ask that you to FAX your order to us. We also ask that you FAX us your Email address with a short note of explanation and we will investigate the issue to see it can be rectified. End FAQ
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