Celiac Disease & The Eucharist The Holy See has made special provisions for those suffering from celiac disease. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has established "Norms for the Use of Low-Gluten Altar Breads" with the proviso that the breads must contain at least trace amounts of gluten (so as to conform to the requirements of Canon Law) and may not contain any non-wheat products. The “Norms” also make a distinction between gluten-free and low-gluten breads. According to the “Norms” established by the Holy See, “hosts (that are) quibus glutinum ablatum est (gluten-free) are invalid matter (and may not be used) for the celebration of the Eucharist”. Low-gluten hosts are valid matter, provided that they contain the amount of gluten sufficient to obtain the confection of bread, that there is no addition of foreign materials and that the procedure for making such hosts is not such as to alter the nature of the substance of the bread.” Our low-gluten breads conform to these requirements and have ecclesiastical approval of bishops in Germany, Italy and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Additional documents of interest are available from the menu to the left.
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Low Gluten For those suffering from celiac disease
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Low Gluten Summary Less Than 20 PPM Gluten Ecclesiastical Approval of bishops in Germany, Italy and the US Made from wheat starch starch & water only 12 + months shelf life Less expensive than other alternatives Traditional look, round and plain white
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